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Purple Planet

An Asteroid Named Psyche

NASA Psyche Mission

This song is about the leading theory of how the Psyche asteroid came to be. Commissioned by NASA, this animated song has been used in classrooms around the country to educate children about the mission. The Psyche satellite will be launched in 2023 or 2024!

"When An Asteroid Named Psyche was complete, I listened to it from a hotel room late at night and was so affected by its authenticity and humanity. Right away I sent it around to the whole mission team, hundreds of people, and I know from their emails back how many people felt united by this work. This is the power of animation and song: It connects people, and it connected us across the team, engineers, scientists, managers, financial analysts, media people, all together with one vision."


Lindy Elkins-Tantum

NASA Psyche Mission Lead

Under the Sea

Journey of Theresia

Lisa Kettemer, PhD

This animated song tells the story of how Dr. Kettemer tracked humpback whale Theresia across the ocean. We worked to bring Dr. Kettermer’s research to life, creating a nuanced portrait of marine ecosystems and climate change. This piece gained acclaim at film festivals including the NYC Independent Film Festival and the Nature & Culture Film Festival.

"Working with Jessika and Ryan was a joyful experience. The final video and song turned out great, I use it alongside the promotion of the scientific article it is based on and can use parts of it in my presentations to tell a better story. I love how the music, story and visuals take the viewer on an immersive journey while also presenting the scientific work behind it."

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Nature Culture - Film Festival - 2021(1) (1).png
OFFICIALSELECTION-NewYorkCityIndependentFilmFestival-2022-b (1).png
Laurel Semi-Finalist-AniMate-AustraliaAnimationFilmFestival20212022 (1) (1).png
SEMI-FINALIST - Serbest International Film Festival SIFF - 2022(1).png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Big Blue Film Festival - 2023.png

Lisa Kettemer

PhD Student at UiTromso


Music To The Mind

Dr. Matthew Sachs, PhD

Using footage from Dr. Matthew Sachs's lab at Columbia University, we compiled scans from his fMRI study on music, emotion, and the brain. Goldilocks Zone's own Ryan Powell was a composer for the study, writing music in categories of emotion and mood. The clips shown in the film show Ryan's pieces lighting up this person's brain in the fMRI.

Postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia University

Dr. Matthew Sachs


 Comparative Anatomy Card Game

Goldilocks Zone Original

This easy-to-learn card game teaches kids about comparative anatomy, as well as the specific anatomy of four different animals (humans, cats, crocodiles, and geese). Each card has the animal name, bone name, image, and a fact. The cards can be used as a card game or as flashcards.

"My students had sooooo much fun using these and comparing everything! We did it just before a trip to the museum and it made an impression so thank you so much for sharing!"

Teacher Resources

Alix Z.

6th Grade Teacher

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